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Case Studies

BH, a film location manager, was very disorganised, and always lost his bank statements. Chartered Online Accountant set him up with an online accounting system that imported his bank statements automatically, leaving him to simply allocate them to the correct income or expense category. He never had to touch a bank statement again, let alone remember where he had put them!

JC left her job and received several thousand pounds compensation from her employer. HMRC insisted it was taxable and threatened to impose penalties for alleged negligence in completing a tax return. Chartered Online Accountant took HMRC to the Tribunal and won the case. JC did not have to pay the tax, and HMRC had to pay all her costs.

AL, a growing business with £4m turnover suffered cash-flow problems and HMRC were threatening to send in bailiffs to seize all the assets, effectively closing the company permanently. Chartered Online Accountant negotiated an 18-month payment plan and two years later the company is still operating profitably.

MK, a freelance event organiser, was unhappy with her accountant as he was very hard to contact and could not provide proper records of his work. Chartered Online Accountant set her up with an on-line accounting system which issued and tracked all her sales invoices and expenses. When she has any questions, Chartered Online Accountant can log straight into her accounts from the office and answer them there and then, without even needing a meeting.

SD, owner of a photography business, spent some time in hospital and was unable to chase up unpaid invoices for many weeks. When she got out of hospital, a Corporation Tax payment and a VAT payment were due. Chartered Online Accountant liaised with HMRC and arranged payments by instalment with no late-payment interest or penalties.

LT, a self-employed heating engineer, was very disorganised and couldn't keep track of her receipts. Chartered Online Accountant provided her with a strong pre-paid plastic postage bag to keep in her van. She put every receipt in this bag and then once a month (or whenever the bag was getting full), she just popped it into a post box. Once received, Chartered Online Accountant scanned all the invoices, creating a permanent record, and booked them into the accounts.

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