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"Tom Trainer (Chartered Online Accountant) has been our accountant for the last 14 years. Being in the bar-restaurant business we do not work normal office hours. Tom understands our business and makes himself available at evenings and weekends when we need him to. His use of technology means he is available for on-line meetings or to log in to our accounting system at very short notice to resolve problems for us. Tom has implemented two accounting systems for us, with full support and training for staff. Last year he helped us through a critical and very difficult situation with HM Revenue and Customs, achieving a result that everyone had thought impossible. I cannot stress strongly enough how important it was that he achieved a much better than expected result for us at that time."

Don Cameron, Managing Director of Zebrano Bars, West End bar-restaurant chain

"I'm a general surgeon and I called upon Tom Trainer (Chartered Online Accountant) for his services some 11 years ago. I was quite behind in my taxes and always filed late and was suffering penalties. I work in the NHS and have a private practice, plus I own more than one property just to complicate matters. Tom sorted out the back log, managed to reduce the penalties and prevent any more. In essence he got me back on track and keeps me that way. Now I don't have concerns about my financial affairs and taxes, I know they are in Tom's capable hands."

Simon Harris, General Surgeon, Clapham, London

"Tom Trainer, Chartered Online Accountant, is an excellent accountant, as not only is he always on hand to help me with the simplest of queries to the more complex, he has helped me to understand the process and conduct the more basic aspects of bookkeeping. This allows me to not only have control over my accounts but also keep my costs down which, being a small business is obviously important. He also picked up and rectified mistakes by previous accountants which would otherwise have gone undetected. He always replies promptly to both telephone calls and emails and I feel he is an integral part of my business. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone."

Sandra Davidson, owner and director of The Picture Library Ltd, Alexandra Palace, London

"I have hired Tom as an accountant and adviser for many years now. He is easy to contact, helpful and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Apart from useful, scalable accounting services, he provides excellent advice in related fields, for example capital expenditure, capital allowances etc. Highly recommended."

Mark Molloy, photographer, Croydon

"I was in a complete mess in terms of my paperwork, keeping track of my jobs and invoices. Doing my accounts was a nightmare, I couldn't find anything, I dreaded it. Chartered Online Accountant completely transformed my business, I was supplied with heavy duty pre-paid bags which I put all of my purchase invoices and receipts in and posted off every few weeks, I didn't have to do anything else. I was set-up and trained on an online accounting system for issuing sales invoices which is so quick and easy. I can't believe how simple my accounting is now."

L. Trainer, heating engineer and plumber, Milo Heating, Crouch End, London

"I had not used an accountant for years, thinking it wasn't worth the expense for someone on a largely PAYE income. But I called Tom Trainer in when the Inland Revenue informed me that they were investigating my tax submission for a past year in which I'd had an unusual pattern of self-employed income. I've never made a better decision in my life. He didn't just save me from paying extra back tax on the year in question, he obtained a huge rebate for me on it, and in the process proved to the Inland Revenue that they had misinterpreted one of their own rules. Since then I've always employed him to handle my tax return. His fee is surprisingly low. And I no longer get that sinking feeling as the annual tax deadline approaches, because he makes everything so simple."

David Sedley, university professor, author and self-employed lecturer, Cambridge

"Tom was always exceptionally helpful in all financial matters relating to our important charity operations. Business was carried out in an effective and efficient manner to help fulfil the necessary demands of our financial commitments in terms of staff and the Charity Commission."

Nigel Thorne, Chairman of Samaritans Enfield, Haringey and Barnet.

"Tom is a highly conscientious accounting professional, 100% correct in approach, easy to deal with and prepared to get to grips with the particular circumstances of an individual business."

John Harper, owner of John Harper Publishing Ltd, Alexandra Palace, London

"Chartered Online Accountant noticed I had been taxed on a redundancy payment which should have been tax free. The Inland Revenue refused to accept that they were wrong, but Chartered Online Accountant took charge of the entire process, including attending the Tribunal hearing to represent me against the Inland Revenue. Chartered Accountants Online successfully argued against every argument put by the Inland Revenue and we won the case. It did not even cost me anything as Chartered Online Accountant reclaimed all their costs from the Inland Revenue."

Dr. J. Clinton, Project Manager, Muswell Hill, London

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